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Lascux's Main Hall of the Bulls
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Interior of the Main Hall of the Caves of Lascaux,
As Associate Producer for the LASCAUX Virtual Reality Art Installation (by artist Benjamin Britton), I created the interior 3-D model of the Lascuax cave with 3-D Modeling, image processing, compositing and texture mapping. I was also involved in the gathering of video asset, VR world interactive authoring animation. In addition I was involved in the design and construction of the 1995 Kwang-Ju International Biennale Museum installation of LASCAUX.

LASCAUX is a museum installation about the ancient, painted, French cave made with a new computer graphics technique called virtual reality.

LASCAUX has traveled to cultural institutions and art centers worldwide.
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This 3D Model was built in 3DStudio4 for use with Intel based workstation running VR applications in a WinNT environment.

Main HallThe Nave Main Hall View to the Axial GalleryThe Axial Gallery
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